Movin’ on down…

To the 10th floor. I’m not being demoted after only 2 weeks on the job. Geeze. Anyway, since we’re moving to a whole new floor the office is abuzz with moving excitement. Packing crates and organizing our stuff (okay, everyone else’s stuff. I knew I was moving, what stuff could I have?) Workers are floating around, labeling and piling and doing all kinds of pre-moving stuff. This does not bode well for the work environment.

I feel a little background is necessary before I go any further. I work in a very relaxed work environment. Don’t get me wrong, we get our shit done, but we’re not uber concerned with being super profresh while we do it. The radios are on and the heels are off (because, like I bragged yesterday, we encourage sneakers in this office). I mean, since I started–2 weeks ago–we’ve had cake 4 times. I’m not even exaggerating. Okay, that’s a lie. We only had cake 2 days. The other 2 days were ice cream cake and cupcakes. Fine.

This being said, all of us who are moving tomorrow (only half the floor is going tomorrow) are stoked because we know we have a half day in our future. Most of the people I work with have been out of school for years and forgot just how exciting half days can be. They are, in case you forgot, the best. You totally feel like you’re playing hooky–even when you aren’t! That child-like excitement has infiltrated the office and it’s not taking a necessarily positive toll on our workload.

Working in an office that’s getting itself ready to move is a bit like working in the center ring of a 3-ring circus. The morning was interrupted by the lack of one of our fridges in the kitchen. Then it was interrupted by the subsequent buzz as people found out that we were losing that fridge because we were getting rid of the free soda/bottled water policy. The rest of the day has been kind of on and off with working and packing. You can imagine how little of each is actually getting accomplished.

All this said, I’ve got no complaints. I like this jittery feeling being back in my life. Especially as it’s that time of year for me to start getting nostalgic for school. (Though let’s be honest, I’m more nostalgic for spending senior week sitting outside of Cafe 210 and sipping on teas…le sigh).

Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my half day tomorrow. Find myself a nice little outdoor haunt and try to re-create those tea-filled afternoons of yesteryear.


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