Good day, Monday

My roommate has a theory. There is a pet supply store by our apartment and my roommate passes it every day on her way to work. Some days there is a cat that sleeps in one of the little cat beds in the window. On the days that she sees the cat, she has a good day. On the days that she doesn’t, she doesn’t. Granted, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but the tendency has been there so she subscribes to the theory.

I was actually on time for work today so we left the apartment at the same time. I took a wide turn and this threw my roommate off completely. But once I got myself back in line, we passed the pet store. My wide turn seemed to mess with the morning ritual and the cat was nowhere to be found. Just as my roommate was blaming my walking trajection, I found the cat. It was like a page out of Where’s Waldo. The cat was hidden on the top tier of one of those cat jungle gym things.

With the cat in our sights, we prepped for a good day. We boarded our train and pumped out the jams. She’d been reminded of 5ive, the boy band of “When the lights go out” fame so we each took an ear bud and got our groove on until she reached her stop.

Some 90’s jams pumping in my veins I walked into the office. After a few hours, they announced it: Cake! It was a co-worker’s birthday and we celebrated with a very tasty confection. (We also sang “Happy Birthday” but we weren’t very good and it was more like Happy Bday in rounds, “Row row row your boat” style).

I plan to keep my eyes peeled every morning from now on. When your week starts with in-office cake, there’s really no complaints you can make.


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