Hawaiian Breeze: 1, Lauren: 1

In my seemingly never-ending battle with my Hawaiian Breeze tower fan, it appears I will get the last laugh, after all. I went to CT this weekend to visit Boo and we did my favorite thing ever–a Target run! I needed a bunch of things and didn’t feel like paying double for everything in the city. While wandering the aisles, we happened upon the HB. After throwing some obscenities its way, I wised up and flipped the box over. There it was: Questions or Comments? Please call.

Do I have questions? Yeah, I do. Why, of the 2 functions available, would you choose to cease performing the only helpful one Hawaiian Breeze? Do I have comments? Yeah, I do. I think this fan is dumb–it chose the least helpful of its 2 functions as the only function it would perform.

I’ll be chatting with the HB people today. For now, at least, the score is tied. But it’s game on, HB. Game on.


3 thoughts on “Hawaiian Breeze: 1, Lauren: 1

  1. I just wanted to say, that I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me. I bought this piece of junk from a target about 3 months ago. It stopped oscilating (sp) and then 2 days later it started making a high pitch squealing sound. Its ear piercing! I too, threw away my receipt and here we are, fan less and out the 35 or 40 bucks that it cost. (I don’t remember exactly how much it was). Its irritating. I have to sleep with a fan! Now I have to go out and spend more money, which for me, there isn’t an abundance of right now! I am so frusterated.

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