To the company who produced my fan but seems to not exist (or at the very least doesn’t have a Web site)

Yesterday was awesome. For those of you not living in New York City, well, it sucks to be you because yesterday was really awesome. The sun was shining and it was warm for the first time in months. And I was excited.

Until I walked into my apartment. It was HOT! I’m not exactly flush at the moment so I’m stingy with my A.C. I fan it up.


Due to a pretty craptastic set of circumstances, I was left with only one tiny and fairly ineffectual fan. My oscillating tower fan sat in the corner of my room–mocking me.

My tower fan died a few months back. Actually, I take that back. It’s in the equivalent of a vegetative state. The fan decided to stop fanning. BUT it still oscillates.

Really fan? Really? I mean, given the choice, I’d say you stuck with the least helpful function. You’re a fan. You have one job in life and that is to blow air.  But throw on the extra effort to swivel while you do it and you just give up. Pathetic.

I decided I would write to the “Hawaiian Breeze” company. File a complaint, maybe score a replacement or some coups. But after several failed Google and Amazon search attempts, I concluded that “Hawaiian Breeze” does not exist. There is no manufacturer. There is no one to whom I can whine about my fan, swiveling back and forth in the corner of my room in the onset of spring.

Guess it’s back to Amazon to see if I can find an oscillating tower fan with a little more drive than my poor old “Hawaiian Breeze.”


26 thoughts on “To the company who produced my fan but seems to not exist (or at the very least doesn’t have a Web site)

  1. that’s really disappointing, because Hawaiian Breeze sounds like such a perfect name for a fan.

    I’m sad for you and your fan.

    man, Hawaiian is hard to spell, isn’t it?

  2. Interestingly, a google of “tower fan whine hawaiian” guided me to this page. I just bought the 30″ one on sale at Target. While my fan (in its 30 minutes of use so far) oscillates AND produces a breeze, it seems to whine while doing said task. It might drive me crazy;. I’m wondering if it’s the nature of tower fans. Or just this one. Or if this is what Hawaii sounds like this time of year.

  3. Doug: Trust me–it’s just that one! I bought a Honeywell tower fan for my replacement and it’s my new best friend. I should warn you though–the folks in North Great Southwest Prairie, Texas are not the most helpful bunch when it comes to customer service….

  4. Thankfully I won’t have to go to North Great Southwest Prairie (no wonder they’re difficult to locate) as the receipt is still crisp and ready to make its journey back to Target. Thanks for the insight, I’m looking forward to whine-free breeziness.

  5. While you wrote in several months ago, in case you are still needing the information, the website that you want for the manufacturer of the Hawaiian Breeze fans is (which is also stated on the instructions that should have come with your fan).

    I have two of their CH-V9 fans in use and both are performing wonderfully: no whines, no cessation of airflow, nothing so far other than great volumes of air moving about. I bought them out at Target for $9.99 each awhile back and have been running them nearly 24 hours a day since that time.

    I stumbled across this weblog while looking for other models of the same brand (specifically the CH-1230DF desk fan and the CH-V1800 high velocity fan).

  6. Hey I just started a company called! Thats weird i didn’t know the name already existed! :P well that sucks now i have to start thinking of somthing else! GAY!

  7. Lol. I have a “Hawaiian Breeze” fan I’ve been trying to give away on craigslist and nobody will take it! Their reputation must proceed them. I found your blog while googling “Hawaiian Breeze” so as to find a better picture of my fan for posting, but alas, one does not exist! I’m sick of the cheap crap Target sells to consumers for way too much money. Lesson learned.

  8. Hi, we are comfort air fans and we manufacture fans for many companies. Hawaiian Breeze is a brand name owned by Midea USA Inc. CORPORATION TEXAS Suite 100 2617 N Great SW Pkwy Grand Prairie TEXAS 75050. Midea has their own factories and makes many kinds of fans. We did make a CH-V9 and a CH-V4 for Target under that brand name but have never made any tower fans under that name.

    1. That Hawaiian Breeze CH V9 fan was the best electric fan I’ve ever owned!
      All metal, 3-speeds, way higher-velocity than others ( must have the blades set right). I have been looking everywhere to buy this fan again. Do you still
      manufacture this fan or anything comparable? I am assuming “Hawaiian Breeze” no longer exists, but do you manufacture one under another name. Thank you for any help you are able to give me.
      Kathy Szoo

  9. I hate that feeling of walking into your apartment and it’s a hot box and stuffy. I’m super stingy with the AC too so my big fan is pretty much the best thing ever.

  10. wait, what? i’m so confused. you’re in PA now, right? was this sitting in your drafts? or just a report?
    i feel like i missed something big here…

  11. Interestingly enough, I stumbled across this blog because I like my tower fan so much I was trying to buy another one. ILve had mine for 2 years, use it non_stop during the summer, and have had no problems. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find another one at target, but after reading this i’m hesitant. This company might be plagued with the problem of great design, but poor quality control.

  12. Lauren:

    OK, it’s been a couple years since you last blogged about the quasi-demise of your Hawaiian Breeze fan. It will waiver endlessly from one side to the other but never do what it was intended to do. Actually, this sounds an awful lot like some co-workers of mine…

    Anyway, I am having a Twilight Zone event of my own. Rather than go to a low-rent store like Target, I went up-scale and bought mine at Wal-Mart. Wait a minute, I may have that backwards. I went to send in the warranty card (of course I have to pay the postage) but they had taped the card to a plastic bag and part of the address had ripped off the card.

    Using some of the suggestions from a few of the people who replied to your blog, I found The address on my warranty card (the part that was still legible) puts this company in Texas. The helpful little webpage puts it in Brooklyn.

    Here’s the best part. My fan does not exist. denies they sell anything with the same model number. The comfort air site shows pictures of everything they make. Nope, not there either. (BTW, how did they think I was going to make the leap from ‘Hawaiian Breeze” to “Comfort Air” in my search terms?)

    Here’s the bestest part. Comfort Air says they will only send the small parts that may be missing from the package. (Actually, we had the problem of having parts that the assembly instructions showed but didn’t show where these parts went.) If you don’t have a little-bitty part problem they can’t help you – other than they tell you to take it back to the store where you bought it.

    So, if they aren’t going to help me anyway, just what ******* good can it possibly do to send in the warranty card?!?!?

    Warranty card and assembly misdirections now in trash can.

    Aloha ha ha ha

    1. Comfort air fans doesn’t have warranty cards. So you must be confused. We haven’t made a any fans for Hawaiian Breeze for over 5 years and we still get all these calls for fans models we never made.

  13. I bought two Hawaiian Breeze fans. The one in my bedroom stays on all night long while the one in the living room gets moderate use. Of course, the one in the living room died maybe a year after I bought it. So, I went to Walmart and bought another fan, the similar Aloha Breeze–and there was a phone number on it. When I tried to call Midea to complain about their crappy fan dying after only a year, the rep denied they made this fan. WTF?

    1. Durk: This company is by far the most bizarre company I’ve ever encountered. They never seem to know what they’ve made and really don’t want people to be able to find them. What kind of crazy coverup is this fan company hiding?!

  14. So I found this while looking for a manual for my hawaiian breeze because the remote is long gone and i had no idea what the buttons did. now i know. just some info that is different from what is already on here, in case yall didnt find your specific model, i did. I at least found the manual and now I know what the buttons do. It still works great. :))

  15. I had my first fans screws that hold the blade/propelller on come loose ten feet away from my daughters head and start smoking!I got ahold of a manager after spending countless hours finding dead ends with the great and ever faulty WAL-MART etc. I finally by accident got through to a lady that I basically had to threaten over the phone( that I was a lawyer and was going to sue their pants sideways)!She then got me in touch with a manager that had me send it in for them to basically”check out”(keep the evidence)!LOL Then after two and a half months of bugging her she offered me a top of the line replacement that I hesitantly just hooked up,put together slowly,tightened all the bolts….to have it literally stop oscillating,start smoking and spit what felt like grenade shrapnel into my arm and my girlfriends leg!STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS MANUFACTURER!YOUR FAN WILL EVENTUALLY COME APART AND COULD CATCH ON FIRE WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING!PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!

  16. got my hawaiin breeze fan and like many can not find the head quarters. as i see like many my fan does the same thing whines and creeks as it moves back and forth qhich drives me crazy it has a yr warranty on it yet i have no clue how to get it replaced this sucks

  17. i just bought one and it has a cut in the cord, I found out when I was at the motor assembly part, I called the number but it just rings & rings…

  18. Funny post, being 4 years old now. But it’s relevant to me now, and I need to whine and whimper. My wife had a little 4-inch desk fan that she says “clunked” about 6 months ago. 4 months ago it “clinked” and the fan started to scrape on the cover, so she stopped using it. Well, she finally got around to having me look at it to fix it.

    Upon first inspecting it, it appeared that the motor was loose from the back, so I figured I could just open it up, fix some screws or wire it into place, and viola! Fan back in service!

    Nope. The motor was held onto the back cover by a bracket. 2 screws in the back cover held the bracket, and a screw on either side of the bracket held the motor. The first “clunk” was one side of the bracket snapping. The second “clink” was the other side of the bracket breaking. Hmmph.

    I hit up Google with the model number and the word “fan.” I instantly stumbled upon a Chinese distributor–several, in fact–and a multitude of American companies that distribute and sell them. But none could sell me the part I was looking for.

    I went back to the fan, turned it over, and saw “Hawaiian Breeze” on the front. Oh! Nice. Then I found this post, and then I looked to the corner of my room, only to notice that I’m using two larger Hawaiian Breeze fans to dehydrate my hops harvest. :o(

    Meh. At least mine are cheap buggers. I guess I could throw them out when they break. But I still want a bracket to fix the broken one, and I’m going to quit searching for a fix. In the future, I’ll spend 3 to 5 times as much to get a fan with a quality brand name on it.

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