It’s finally happened. After 7 months in the city it has finally happened. I found the bar that is going to be my neighborhood bar. I’m not going to tell you where this bar is (because a bar with clean bathrooms is such a rare commodity that I don’t want the secret to get out) but I will tell you that it is amazing. Friday night (not my first visit, but I haven’t frequented it heavily yet) the bartender remembered me. Points right there. As the night went on, my tab saw the following things added to it:

1 gin and gingerale

2 Yuenglings

1 plate of mozzarella sticks

1 basket of onion rings

At the end of the night, that should have been a high bill. This is New York City, after all. But not only was my bill less than half of what it should have been, they also threw in a few drinks on the house.

So to sum up: cheap bill, clean bathroom, comped drink, friendly bartender. I have found my bar. Sweet.


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