Parallel parking: you’re doin’ it wrong!

So, it’s doing some weird weather thing tonight and that seems to freak New Yorkers out. Roomie, in fact, burst into my room to alert me to the wind/rain phenomenon. It was wind raining; which, to quote Ollie Williams means “it’s raining sideways!!”

Anyway…while looking out of my window to investigate the weather, I saw a guy who was about to fail at parallel parking. The space was definitely large enough for this car, even though it was a 4-door. But, despite the ample amounts of space, this guy decided the only way he would fit in the space would be to back into it…perpendicularly.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Perpendicularly? Well he’s never gonna fit like that. Right angles just aren’t conducive to parallel parking. It’s just not natural. And you’re right. It’s not natural and he did not fit like that. In fact, he was so far from fitting that it took him at least 7 cuts to get into the space. But eventually he managed to line himself up with about 1.5 feet b/w each car and we were feeling a bit foolish for doubting him.

Then, in a move that resulted in actual shouts from the peanut gallery, he came INCHES away from slamming into the front bumper of the car behind him. And, even though he had at least 3 feet b/w him and the SUV in front of him, he decided to just LEAVE THE CAR WHERE IT WAS!

Really dude? Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about my initial skepticism. You’re doin’ it wrong man, you’re just doin’ it wrong.


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