Adventures in homecomings and other signs that I (still) know everyone in the world

This past weekend was Easter and I, like many, ventured home for the weekend. That’s right, back to the Wild Wild Wex. Which is always reassuring in the fact that I know it will be a relaxing weekend with nothing much happening. I rarely see people when I’m home, both by choice and due to the fact that a number of people bolted and just never came home. But that tricky little Wexford is always full of surprises.

The first person I ran into was a high school and college peer and we encountered one another at church. Pleasantries exchanged, my mom and I went to pick up dinner. That’s when I bumped into my second blast from the past. At this point I’d seen more people in the course of 2 hours then I’d seen in my last 2 trips home, but I’m a big fan of both the guys I ran into and so they were both pleasant surprises.

Sunday rolled around and I headed off to the airport, but this time I was prepared. Oh yes, I was fully anticipating running into someone I went to school with (as most of the graduates of both of my alma maters now reside in NYC), it was just a matter of who it would be. Sure enough, as I walked to the gate there was one of my old TV cronies from senior year. It’d been 4 years since we’d seen each other last so it was nice to catch up while we waited for the plane (and we flew USAIR so waiting was a certainty).

As I unlocked the door to my apartment I smiled to think about my weekend home. It’s always nice to run into people–especially when it’s been awhile since you’ve seen them. It’s fun to see how everyone has grown up and what they’re all up to. I was still thinking about this when I realized that I had absolutely nothing to eat for dinner. Damn. So I headed out the door to Gristedes. As I walked out of my apartment I was stopped cold on the sidewalk. A girl I’ve known since my freshman seminar class (and have seen sporadically for the rest of my time at PSU, including a month ago at THON) was walking out of Gristedes. Turns out we live in the same complex.

When I went to Penn State, I was told that for however big the school was, you could make it as small as you want. Turns out the same is true for New York (says the girl who ran into a preschool bud on the 6 train earlier this winter). It will never cease to amaze me. But, like I said, I know everyone in the world.


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