One…two…really should have buckled my shoe

So I learned something yesterday. I learned that if you lose enough weight, even your feet will start to shrink. Want to know how I learned that? It’s a very good story.

While walking to the subway station I noticed that my feet kept popping out of my cute little flats. Weird considering that the last time I wore them they were just fine. Oh well, shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. I hit the steps…and then…I HIT the steps.

Yup. Step one, step two, step thre–ass! Apparently if your shoes are a little too big you’ll wipe out going down steps. You’d think this would be embarrassing for me. Especially considering that I was wearing my bright yellow coat when I did it. And especially since by the time I finally made it to the bottom of the steps it was one of those “Downtown only” stations and I was going Uptown.

Yeah…okay, it kind of was a little embarrassing. But what’s better than a good falling on your ass story?

You’re welcome.

*Note, this is just one in series in the falling down stories of my life. Apparently, me and gravity…not such good friends.*


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