That’s it Shower Singer…it’s time we had a talk

At 11:15 last night Shower Singer started going at it. What used to be a pleasant part of my living arrangement took a turn toward the annoying. This man must lack either sense of time or sense of volume because he was belting out the jams like there was no tomorrow. It started to occur to me that perhaps this guy was foreign and still living in his old time zone. Granted only one of his songs wasn’t in English and the time difference would have made it like…3:00 a.m. in Europe. Really though…dude…some people have to get up early and go to work. At the moment I’m not one of them, but that doesn’t mean that some people in the building aren’t trying to sleep. Plus, sir, you are LOUD. You need to change your methods. Either wise up to the time and start singing me some lullabies or try a different approach and start taking requests. I wouldn’t be quite so angry with you if you were singing me some Snow Patrol (it is late after all and they’re pretty mellow guys) or if you went crooner on me with a little Sinatra or Buble.


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