Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy

I know I owe you a Sunday Update but due to a video submission by Boo’s bro, I felt that I couldn’t postpone writing this post any longer.

I spent my Christmas at sea, cruising with the family. We were on a family-oriented cruise ship (but not one of those Sesame Street cruises, don’t worry). While enjoying a family-friendly afternoon on deck, sunning myself and listening to my iPod, I was interrupted by the cruise director announcing some event or another. Normally I would have ignored him. If it wasn’t the bellyflop competition (which, by the way, was one of the most attended events on board) I didn’t want anything to do with it. Until I heard the opening chords of Soulja Boy. Well, that seemed awkward, considering the phrase “Superman dat ho” didn’t exactly seem to fit the all-ages environment.

My interest piqued, I ventured over to the railing to check out the happenings on the lower “fun deck” (a title that is clearly not mine, fyi). And what did I find? A group of 12-15 year olds who’d all been taught the dance to Soulja Boy and were performing it on the deck. This so-called fun deck happened to be the main deck, poolside, for all of the ship to see. All of a sudden I was concerned. It didn’t seem appropriate to have tweens learning the dance to such a non-PG song. Or, in all fairness, teach them the dance–they’re at sea without cell phone reception or cable programming and they’ve most likely already learned it thanks to YouTube anyway–but don’t have them perform their new-found talent for the preschool and nursing home types.

Moral of this story? Just because you can set it to SpongeBob Squarepants doesn’t mean you should teach it to audiences too young to buy cigarettes–it does however mean you’ll get a shitload of cash and a Grammy nomination.


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