A message to 8:45 6 train passengers: calm down, be nice, don’t shove

Yesterday morning while waiting for the 6 train I witnessed an interesting and (I thought) unusual interaction. The first thing I noticed was the guy standing next to me lean to his left to better hear what the woman on his left was saying to him. I cocked an ear and listened too (obviously). What did I hear? The shrill voice of a commuting woman saying “You are pushing me.” The boy, clearly shocked that a native New Yorker would be shocked that she was being shoved in her attempt to get on the train, stood back, widely gestured toward the doors and said simply: “By allllll means.”

We shuffled onto the train and Snooty McCranky continued to glare at both the guy and, for some reason, me. A few stops later, Mister Shocked exited the train and Snooty took a seat. I shifted further into the train and Captain America (who was standing behind me) shifted as well, knocking over his laptop case in the process. Snooty attempted to be nice and hand him back his case but she defeated her attempt by glaring at him the whole time.

When I got off of the train yesterday, I thought I’d left my cast of characters behind, but I was wrong. I don’t normally leave for work at the same time every day but I managed to get out the door the same time today as yesterday. And I was greeted by Snooty and Shocked at the platform (standing, of course, with at least 4 people in between them). When the train arrived, we all filtered in and took our spots. I was standing near the further door, jamming to a little FOB and minding my own business. Until, that is, I looked up and saw Snooty glaring at me. I’m not sure how I offended her during yesterday’s debacle, but clearly I made a lasting impression. Admittedly, it could have been the curly hair and the yellow coat that she recognized rather than the eyes rolling straight to the back of my head, but one can never be sure in a situation like that.


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