I owe you a rundown

So, this city(ish) girl went to the country for Thanksgiving and promised you all that she’d write about it. Well, I finally have time so get ready for my country rundown.

The big part of the Thanksgiving trip was, surprisingly, not the Thanksgiving dinner but the tree-cutting excursion. The family met at the house at 7:30 a.m. (a time I don’t normally see when on vacation) and piled into our vehicles. When we got to the tree farm, they immediately let the Christmas Vacation references fly–bad news for those of us (me) who hadn’t seen the movie yet! Boo’s mom picked her tree out within 10 minutes and we (he) carried it back to where the rest of the family was waiting. With 2 trees left to pick out, we were left to amuse ourselves. Not hard. The farm had a gopher-chasing little dog. We watched him bounce from hole to hole, like a whack-a-mole game. Eventually he dug one of the holes wide enough to crawl into it. All that was left was a barking from somewhere underground.

After all of the trees were acquired (3 in total…and yes, I carried one. I’ve got the big guns baby.) the family went out for a “train-stopping good” breakfast. I’m not making that up. I couldn’t. The slogan on the door, the menus and the coffee mugs bragged about how the food was so good that a conductor actually stopped his train to eat. Well, I could get on board with that…until I saw “mush” on the menu. Really? You would stop a train for mush? Well, that doesn’t seem too appetizing. Actually, that doesn’t even seem like a food product. Curious. Was this city girl brave enough to try the mush? Don’t bet on it.

All in all, the trip was a success. I braved the wilderness (a tree farm), war wounds (scratches from his dogs) and even came away with Mom’s seal of approval. Score one for this city girl ;)


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