Domesticity blows

I am an adult now. Or so I am told. Being an adult comes with responsibilities. I have to do laundry. I have to clean my toilet. And I have to do dishes. But I cheat the system–I have a dishwasher. If I have a pot that I haven’t washed in a week, no problem. I don’t have to scrub. I stick it on the bottom shelf and let my appliance do its thing (and I’m sure I’m not actually supposed to put pots and pans in the dishwasher, but I’m doing the best I can here okay?).

This system works well for me. Well, worked well for me. This morning the system broke down. And it broke me in the process. To run the dishwasher, you have to put the soap in the little soap holder and then click the lid shut. My lid refused to click this morning. Soap in place, I didn’t have many options. I tried and tried and tried, but I couldn’t get the damn thing to click. So…what’s the result? I sprained my wrist with all the wrenching of the stupid lid and the lid still wouldn’t click.

My conclusion: domesticity blows. I’m looking into putting a halt on this whole “adulthood” thing–at least until maintenance can get upstairs and fix my dishwasher.


Tried the dishwasher today. It works. I closed the lid with one tiny little finger. Are you kidding me?


One thought on “Domesticity blows

  1. Dumbass, you don’t actually have to close the lid on the soap to run the dishwasher. It will work just fine without it.

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