The Sunday Update: November 11, 2007

The Sunday update, or, more posts I can’t take credit for.

Every Sunday my dad sends out the “Sunday update.” It’s a compilation of the week’s best news stories and videos (though admittedly some are more vintage than just the preceding week). By best I mean the funniest or most creative videos and weirdest and most abnormal news articles. I tend not to write on the weekends (I just moved to the city, I’m busy, why don’t you calm down) but I know that Mondays tend to drag and I hate to leave you guys feeling abandoned or deprived in any way. So…enjoy the best of the best of the Sunday update. (Oh, and thanks for letting me filch these from you Daddy ;) )

The vid:

(and a second, because they’re kind of a pair…and because I haven’t posted in awhile and I feel bad):

The news: Man allegedly uses stapler to rob store

ASHLAND, Ky. – A man wearing a ski mask held up an eastern Kentucky ice cream store with a stapler, and briefly got away with $175. Police identified the stapler bandit as Gerald A. Rocchi, 32, who was arrested shortly after he allegedly flashed a chrome-plated stapler at an employee of The Ice Cream Shop in Ashland on Tuesday and demanded money.

Ashland Police Capt. Don Petrella said he didn’t know if Rocchi planned to shoot staples at the shop’s employees or use it as a blunt instrument if he didn’t get the cash. It didn’t come to that because the employees handed over the cash, Petrella said.

Several witnesses saw Rocchi leave the shop and told police where he was headed, Petrella said. After arresting Rocchi, police searched his house and found money, a stapler and a ski mask, Petrella said.

Petrella said the chrome finish on the stapler could have made it look like a gun “if someone didn’t get a good look at it.”

Rocchi was charged with first-degree robbery. He made his first appearance in Boyd District Court on


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