Fash-backwards #5: Corporate Edition (and a celebrity shot! oh boy!)

And now, for your reading pleasure, a fash-backwards celebrity shot by Boo:

It’s one thing to sight questionable wardrobe choices on the subway or on the streets, but what about when it happens in the corporate office setting? Case in point: “Casual Friday.” I work in an office with a Business Casual dress code. Not everyone abides by the rules, and Friday is normally a day where this is taken to a very big extreme. If you buy the appropriate charity stickers, you can wear jeans to work. I have nothing against wearing a comfortable pair of jeans to work mind you–we should be able to wear them all the time–but in a business casual setting, the appropriate top should be
worn with said jeans.

Wear a button up shirt if you’re a man, a nice blouse if you’re a woman. For both, a sweater would be more than appropriate as we move toward the fall and winter months. As with any article of clothing, there are exceptions to the rule…for example, those uber-girly sweaters that shouldn’t be let out of the closest after middle school.

A co-worker in her late 20s was wearing a pink sweater. Fair enough right? Then make it a pink HOODED sweater with a pink fuzzy boa attached to the hood. This is unacceptable, unless you are the 10-year-old daughter of said employee…and this is bring your child to work day…which it is not.

Professionalism can be shown in many ways: working hard, learning how to manage time and emotions appropriately, etc. Above all, your dress in a corporate environment will show that you mean business. Wearing a suit to the office will show that; so will black slacks and a tie. Pink boa/hooded sweater? Not so much. Someone needs to send this woman back to middle school and teach her how to dress…unlike a sixth grader.


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