Fash-Backwards #4: Subway Edition

You’ll see some of the weirdest things in the world on the subway. Trust me. And if you’re one of those people who sits down and looks at the floor or stares out the window just waiting for your stop–STOP! You are missing some crazy stuff. Some of my favorite sub sights are the fashion choices of my riding companions. Last night’s commute alone was filled some of the best of the worst.

The first fash-backwards sighting was timely–especially in the context of FB#3. This working girl was, well, I’m not sure where she was working. I followed her up the stairs when I transferred trains and this was a look like nothing I’d ever seen before. Sparkly sequined evening gown, black stockings and black loafers. BLACK LOAFERS. And she was carrying a clutch which means that she did not have her spikey heels stored in her purse. She was actually planning to attend whatever event it was that she was attending while dressed like that. Ouch.

And the next victim…. I’ll give her credit for trying to follow a trend but she needed to get better directions. It was warm yesterday meaning everyone was trying to wear their skirts while they still could (and who can blame them…skirts in November is quite a feat). But it’s still technically fall, so to make the mini seasonally appropriate, most women opt for boots. FB was no different…she just opted for a more, um, wintery style? She was wearing elf boots. Up-curled toe and all. I wish that I was kidding. I wish I could say it was just the way the suede looked, but sadly it was the actual construction of the shoe. The toe of that boot was trying to reach for the sky which left FB reaching for trend accuracy–and falling short.


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