Fash-Backwards #3: Working girl…it ain’t working for you.

I am down with the working girl way of walking. I need to put that out there right now. Most of the women in my office wear 4 inch heels to work and let’s face facts, if I had to take the subway in those, I would be all over the Asics and skirt look. But there are certain areas where that trend gets a little dicey. Certain New Yorkers have taken to spreading that comfort concept to pants as well. And hey, you won’t hear any complaints from me about comfortable pants (sucking in my gut or wearing spanx are 2 things I like to avoid whenever possible), but I have to draw the line somewhere and that somewhere just so happens to be spandex capri dress pants with zippers on the legs.

Now I realize that most of my fashion complaints come in the form of the stretchy material, but you have to admit it’s a material that really lends itself to mockery when done improperly. Much in the way that this woman from Queens chose to wear it. Sneakers, as I mentioned above, I will gladly allow (I try to incorporate Chucks into my wardrobe whenever possible simply for that reason). But this woman took her commuter outfit a bit too far. Her comfy kicks were paired with blue pinstripe zipper leg capri “dress” pants. And a zip hoodie.

Honestly, I could continue to comment but I really have no other words. There is just no explaining things like that.


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