Things that Gmail thinks I am interested in

Most people I know have a Gmail account. I’ve become ridiculously dependent on said account since Gmail tends to be my only link to the outside world while I sit at my desk, waiting for work.

One “helpful” feature of Gmail is that it, much in the vein of or TiVo, tries to figure out what it is that I’m interested in and then provide me with links to those sites. This is one of the most interesting facets of the e-mail server that I’ve encountered. Here are some of the things, based on (apparently) the content of my e-mails, that Gmail thinks I am interested in*:

No more falling straps:
…and keep Bra straps from being seen also Lifts and Supports

The Tucker Sling:
Could your baby have acid reflux? Find relief with the Tucker Sling.

Little Monkey Inc.:
Cute Monkey clothes for babies Low flat rate shipping.

Uh Oh – I’m Emo:
Are You Emo? Take the Quiz!

Npr Ringtone:
Send this complimentary ringtone to your phone right now!

Backcountry Betty:
Betties can have fun in the backcountry, too. Get your glam on!

Giant Scallops & Prawns:
Free FedEx Shipping! Giant Prawns Gourmet seafood. Colossal Scallops.

5 Star Resorts Ireland:
Enjoy a stay at the 5 Star Ashford Lowest Rates Available online

Parenting Personality:
Find out what Type of Parent you are with this Fun and Simple Quiz!

Beat Your Ohio Ticket:
Ex-Traffic Cop Shows You How To Beat Your Ohio Speeding Ticket.

NY Eyelid Surgery:
Preserving Ethnic Identity Through Cosmetic Surgery. 2 NYC Locations!

Metal Detectors – On Sale:
Garrett’s Super Scanner, other hand held & walk thru metal detectors

Why Mommy is a Democrat:
The book George Bush doesn’t want your kids to read!

Iceland Snowmobile Tours:
Snowmobile Vacation in Iceland Catch the Viking Spirit!

chic mommy blog:
A stylish mommy writes about life & things to help keep it chic.

Adam and Eve, Oh Really?:
Ten good reasons to believe they’re the real deal.

Oh My Goth:
Shoes, Purses, Pillows, Jewelry Gothic Boots, Spooky Collectibles

Speciality Greek Products:
Order Greek Specialties online Dressings, Baklava, Tiropites, more

*Note, part of me feels like I should attribute each link to a specific e-mail (for example, the bra strap link was from an e-mail about how I’m having a slow work day) but then I realized that it may just be more fun if I don’t.**

**Okay, another note: I do feel like I should explain that some of these links (NPR and the Bra Straps) are things that I’ve simply never mentioned in e-mails. Gmail boggles my mind sometimes.***

***I swear this will be my last note, but it was sort of an afterthought so bear with me. I have not clicked on any of these links so if they happen to be to pornography sites or anything else of a salacious nature or if they happen to lack any and all sense of morality, dignity, and work decorum (translation anything that’s generally considered NSFW), I apologize.


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