Call me Scrooge but I get Grinchy when Christmas comes too soon

I love Christmas. In fact, it’s probably my favorite holiday ever (with the very obvious and very biased exception of New Year’s Eve, which just so happens to be my birthday). But I simply cannot tolerate Christmas coming too early (with again, the exception of Christmas in July, which I’ve never celebrated but always kind of wish I did).

This is a (borrowed) image of what I saw last night on my way home from work (forgive the borrowing (and the excessive use of parentheses) but my camera is still packed somewhere).


That’s right. A Christmas tree. And it was lit. And I realize it’s there to advertise the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (which I fully intend to see, don’t get me wrong). But I have one small problem with this:


I just can’t get on board with Christmas while I’m still trying to decide what my Halloween costume should be (for the record, I’m thinking I should be Troy Polamalu…we’ve got the same hair, all I’d need is a jersey). I’m starting to worry that Christmas really will start coming in July.


While being totally voyeuristic (aka creepy and “Rear Window”ish) and looking into other people’s apartments (which will make more sense once I finally post a picture of my view) I saw the most obnoxious thing ever. That’s right, it was a CHRISTMAS TREE. And it was fully freakin’ lit. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!? Do people not understand that it is not yet Halloween? That there are still 2 months until Christmas?! I just don’t understand this. I was so angry that I actually pulled (well not literally) my roommate out of the shower to make her look at the tree. She (oh, and “she” is coincidentally the Rachel of my celebrity shot on the DQ commercials) had already seen said tree and was less than okay with my excessive yelling about the pre-pre-pre-Christmas decor.

But seriously…one more piece of preemptive green and red and I’m going Bah Humbug on your ass.


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