Fash-Backwards #2: What’s my age again? What’s my age again?

These days it’s pretty easy to look younger. Botox, collagen injections and the like all bring chemically altering your way to youthfulness a shot away. Unfortunately, just because you can look the part, some are believing they should dress the part. And that was where today’s fash-backwards encounter came from.

The old lady in leggings.

Yikes. If you’re young, chic, and in shape, I have no problem with you donning a pair of leggings, a long shirt, and cute shoes. In fact, that’s what I wear to work most days. I do however have a problem with you wearing that outfit when your hair (and makeup) makes you look like you’ve taken styling lessons from everyone’s favorite Italian grandmother, Lidia Bastianich. I love Lidia, but let’s face facts, that is not a body type that should be rocking the spandex trend. So please, if you’re feeling a mid-life crisis coming on (or menopause) skip the leggings.


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