May I update your Internet: THE UPDATE

I should have known better on this one. My technologically inclined/Internet savvy boyfriend just totally admonished me for flagrant, well, wrongness, in my slow internet post. Apparently my use of the word “Internet” was incorrect. And to avoid an online spanking from any other nerds who happen to read this I would like to amend my post. What I should have said was “network” upgrades were seriously lacking in our office. And “network” upgrades would drastically improve any tasks that require the use of the Internet and would help it to not suck so badly.

To my computer nerd followers (b/c lets face it, I’m just a word nerd…I don’t know computers yet), I’m sorry man! I’ll get it right next time. And if I don’t, you can expect that my sweet Baboo will correct me.


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