Fash-Backwards #1: Butt line is not the new black.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Crap, she’s numbering stuff again. Where is this going to go?’ Well just calm yourselves, okay? This is a good one. Albeit hugely judgmental of me, but that’s the industry I’m in now, so just get over it.

I live in one of the trendiest cities in the world. These are people who know their fashion and they aren’t afraid to let you know that they know. But for every up there must also be a down and the downside of the trendy is the horribly untrendy. Enter “Fash-backward.” These posts will serve to point out some of my favorite of the fashion-backward sightings I’ve had.

The first FB (because I’m too lazy to type fash-backward everytime) was spotted in an elevator in my office. Women everywhere work hard to avoid the dreaded panty line. This particular woman took panty line to a whole new and uncomfortable level: she added butt line.

Let me try to paint the picture for you. Her derriere went as follows: waist band, panty line, butt line. That’s right. Her skivvies were 1 size too small. And sure, these may have been those cute, cheeky little panties, but the force with which they cut into her posterior was too intense to make her size choice an acceptable one. Her spandex dress pants (don’t get me started on those) highlighted the ill fit even more. Either go a size up on the pants to avoid that “stuffed sausage” look or go a size up on the underpants to avoid that “butt-cut-in-half” look. Please, for all our sakes.


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