May I update your internet? No? Well, I guess that’s cool too…

There is something about the work force that boggles my mind time and again. Nearly every job that I have ever held that required the use of computers/the internet has been poorly equipped to actually do the job.

Today, for example, I had to access the internet for a somewhat lengthy task. Normally, with internet that has been upgraded since 2002, this would be an easy task. Not so with this computer. My evening went something like this.

Click on an image.


Copy the image.

Paste the image.

Click “next.”



Click “next” again.


Click “skip.”


Copy an image.


This would take the average computer about 30 seconds. Work computer time? 1:07. Seriously? Even accessing the internet takes excessive amounts of time. This wouldn’t bother me nearly so much if I wasn’t constantly pressed for time at work. I mean really IT, what are you guys doing over there? We’re a pretty big company, we could probably afford some internet upgrades. Or, and call me crazy, but this may help the situation as well, we could upgrade the computers. I know the ’93 Apples are pretty enticing, but loosen the purse strings just a bit corporate. I promise, it won’t break the bank, and just think how much more we’ll be able to accomplish.


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