You’re way too beautiful girl*

Nice compliment. And that is why this song works.

Sean Kingston is, by far, my favorite new artist. Never before have I heard such depressing lyrics that could put me in such a great mood.

Sean’s summer jams included “Beautiful Girls” and “Me Love.” Both upbeat, both easy to sing along with, even after 1 listen (which, if you’ve ever been in a car with me, you know is key to any good song).

The bouncy beats in “Me Love” actually make me forget that poor, heartbroken Sean is singing about his girl leaving him. The 50’s-style do-wop feel to “Beautiful Girls” puts a smile on my face before I can remember that the thought of it not working with this girl makes him want to kill himself.

Seriously…let’s take a look at some of Sean’s lyrics, shall we? Here’s a section from “Beautiful Girls” (excuse the phonetics. This how the lyrics show up).

Now we’re a fussin’
And now we’re a fightin’
Please tell me why
I’m feelin’ slighted
And I don’t know
How to make it better (make it better)
You’re datin’ other guys
You’re tellin’ me lies
Oh I can’t believe
What I’m seein’ with my eyes
I’m losin’ my mind
And I don’t think it’s clever (think it’s clever)

You’re way too beautiful girl
That’s why it’ll never work
You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal,
when they say its over

And how bout this bit from “Me Love”?

Now I’m sittin in a chair wit no one here
and I’m feelin’ all alone (all alone)
thinkin’ to myself like
damn why my baby up and gone (up and gone)
it’s like I’m missin’ her and I know she’s missin’ me (missin’ me)
it’s been two years an a half, in july will make it three (make it three).

I feel like im drownin in da ocean
somebody come and take me away

If he spilled his guts like this in therapy, he’d be heavily medicated for depression by this point–he even admits to being suicidal–but somehow, in this peppy format, I can overlook the fact that he is sad and lonely. I can not only overlook it, I can dance along to it (which is a skill while driving, let me tell you).

Depression aside, as it turns out, between “Beautiful Girls” and “Me Love” I have never been so happy listening to the radio.

* NOTE: This title is not just another cheap ploy to make sure my blog shows up in Google searches for Sean Kingston lyrics. Okay, you got me, that’s exactly what the title is.


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