Movin’ on up

Shoot me right now for the cliche, but how else could I both grab your attention and ensure that this post would come up on someone’s Google search for the lyrics to the Jefferson’s theme song? Exactly. But aside from greedy, attention-getting ploys, that title does actually serve a purpose. It seems the time has come for me to end my days as a Pittsburgh blogger. I got a job in NYC and I’m heading there soon, but don’t worry, I’ll take the blog with me. And hey, a change of scenery might do me good.

I’ve been getting a little stir crazy — who wouldn’t be after 4 months at home? In the midst of a between-job meltdown, I learned a little bit about myself — and my heritage.

Turns out my great-grandpa came to PA straight off the boat with his brother. After a lot of hardships (working the coal mines and the loss of his brother) he knew it was time to get out of this state. He found out that a lot of people from his town in Italy were living in Schenectady so he high-tailed it out of here. A while later he sent for my great-grandma and my grand-aunt (is that even a word?). With a lot of hard work, he ended up being hugely successful, and my family was in good shape by the time the Depression hit. I guess that whole “not a quitter, work real hard and you’ll be successful” thing is in my genes.

And apparently, so is the desire to get the hell out of Pennsylvania.


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