Adventures in air travel (part deux) and other signs that I know everyone in the world

I just finished a stint in New York for yet another round of interviews. This was my first solo trip to the city so I was a little nervous (I’m from the suburbs…we don’t exactly do subways here), but all in all I handled myself pretty well. I got a cab from the airport with no problem. I got myself to the subway, got my metro card and not only got off at the right stop, but even managed to exit the subway at the right corner to get me where I needed to go. And I managed to (admittedly with slight assistance on this part) call a cab to get back to the airport.

Now I know what you’re thinking at this point in the story. You’re thinking, “gee, this all went really well for her…oh man, something really bad happened when she got to the airport. After all, these are ‘adventures in air travel,’ that flight must have suuuucked.” Nope! Ha!

Okay, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to mock your guessing skills. I mean, the story was kind of heading in that direction.

So, to get to the actual airport part of the story. I’m sitting in LaGuardia, hanging out, reading my book and they finally call our flight to board. I’m toward the end of the line so I’m standing around waiting. Then I hear a familiar voice. Strange, considering that I’m not at home. Well, apparently nothing is strange for me anymore. And apparently, I will never escape college…or high school for that matter. Because that familiar voice I heard actually did belong to a friend of mine from high school, who went to the same college as me and is now working in the city where I’m trying to get a job. And I think it shocked the hell out of her too because when I walked over, she blurted out “I have to go–Lauren’s in the airport.”

All I can really say about my high school at this point is that we’re kind of like Visa…we’re everywhere you want to be.


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