Adventures in timing and other signs Pittsburgh fans have no self control

Ah…the long awaited post! Get excited, it’s a fun one. It involves food! Ahem…anyway…so I mentioned that I’ve been sick. For anyone who’s ever had a stomach thing, you know that the best part of the stomach thing is the day you finally feel like you can eat something.

For me, my weapon of choice was a sandwich. I’d been dreaming about this sandwich for days (due in part to that new Bailey’s commercial where the guy makes that killer sub while his friend talks him into making the frozen drink). I knew what bread I wanted it on, I knew what cheese I wanted on it, I even knew what condiments I wanted–suffice it to say, I was ready for this sandwich. Unfortunately, my kitchen was not as equipped to satisfy my craving as I could have hoped. No worries though, because all could be solved with a quick trip to a local store. Easy right?

So, so wrong. My first trip back into the land of the eating was on Sunday. No real problem there. My craving hit around 12:45.Problem there. Sunday in the Wild Wild Wex equals Steelers mania and this store was no exception. 15 minutes before kickoff…well, after 18 years in this city we really should have known better.

As soon as we pulled up to the store we knew we were in trouble. The parking lot was chaos. The cold cut line was a mob scene (literally). The deli workers were dishing out pierogies like there was no tomorrow. People were grabbing chicken in every form they could find it; rotisserie, fried, wings. And every single person was decked out in Steelers garb. Except for those still in church clothes…running late from the late service and still hoping to get home for kickoff.

If I hadn’t wanted that sandwich so badly we wouldn’t have risked our lives going in there. But we sucked it up, braved the crowds (and by braved I mean let 2 or 3 women who could have actually played for the Steelers go ahead of us in the deli line. Women….WOMEN!!) and thus, I was fed.

All’s well that ends well I suppose, and in Steelers country, sometimes you’re lucky to just get out alive.


One thought on “Adventures in timing and other signs Pittsburgh fans have no self control

  1. Except when the churchgoers wear Steelers garb to church.
    Now that’s a trait unique to Pittsburgh.
    I miss you. and I missed reading this blog.

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