A.J. “Mean” McLean…d-d-d-does he have it?

Everyone can appreciate a nice throwback to the good ol’ days. Boo and I are no exception. While spending a lazy Sunday on the couch, eating Dunkin Donuts Jelly Munchkins and watching GUTS on some old-school Nickelodeon channel, Boo and I were pretty surprised by what we saw.

The first person to run out, dressed in blue, was A.J. “Mean” McLean.

Excuse me?! A.J.? As in A.J. from the Backstreet Boys? Hm, well this was 1992. A.J. was born in 1978. This A.J. is 14. BSB’s A.J. would have been 14 at that point. We called in a second, well, technically a third opinion: Boo’s roommate.

After some careful scrutiny (and some research thanks to IMDB.com) the decision we arrived at was that this was, in fact, BSB’s A.J. in his early days. Pre-throngs of screaming girls. Pre-drug addiction.

However, A.J. managed to lose to Jamie, in purple. Talk about revenge.

Well there, 15-year-old girl. You may have kicked my ass in the rubber band jungle and schooled me in the white-water raft event, but look who’s a big, famous boy bander now. Think you can handle that?!

Yeah…sweet, sweet revenge.


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