Trials and Tribulations…

It’s the last night of my internship. Yes, I know, shed a tear if you feel the need. But don’t worry; end of internship will not translate into end of blog.

But, since it is my last night, I feel it’s only fitting that I highlight a little of what I will, and won’t, miss after my summer in suburbia.

Things I will miss:
Cat of the Day.
G-mailing Jenny when I was too lazy to walk the 12 ft. to her desk.
People freaking out at the printer.
Getting new printers at least once a month as a result.
Opening the door for the sports guys. (Nothing personal Boo, it was just an excuse to get up).

Things I won’t miss:
Pittsburgh drivers.
Public (but still on private property) elevator urination.
My akward desk/chair combo. Nothing was ever the right height.
Getting off work at 1 a.m. I’ve missed sleep. I’ve missed it so much.

When all is said and done, well…I’m a little glad it’s done.


One thought on “Trials and Tribulations…

  1. Ahh…we’re both done.
    What I’ll miss:
    Cat of the Day (a given)
    Espresso beans
    Mya and her stories that kept us entertained for the 1st hour
    Jen screaming ‘Fuck’ when something happened to her page
    Marty screaming ‘fuck’ and kicking the door open…for fun.
    Rob and his “Chuckles” stories
    Arthur’s “Woo-hoo” when you finished proofing a page
    Ian the Tech-man
    Our bathroom trips. My inability to pee without you. My pee shyness when you had to run the water.
    The vending machine that finally gave me my granola bar. The crazy pop machine…that was basically insane.
    And quite possibly Jim’s “Jenny/Lauren, could I ask you to take another look at this?”

    ahhh. my life for the past 3 months.

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