Irreverent Headline #14

This might have been my favorite irreverent headline of the summer. It was so good that I’m even providing a little background, which you know I never do.

Now, I love Dane Cook. He might be the funniest man alive. And, to quote him, his material is “so true, and that’s why it’s funny. It is so true, that’s why it’s funny. Because it’s so true, hence funny.”

Some of the best stories to edit here are the columns. The guys usually have something interesting to say, and even when they write about boring stuff (think politics or public transportation) they make it interesting.

So today’s column (or more accurately, tomorrow’s) was all about this columnist getting mad because people turn around in his driveway. He even bought a gold chain to string across it to prevent, as Dane Cook would call them, Driveway Intruders.

I open this story, start reading, and immediately know that the headline MUST be a D.C. reference. Now, the good people of Pittsburgh (at least those who would be reading our paper) would probably not be up on their Dane Cook, but I fit the headline anyway–for my amusement and yours:

What?? I don’t know this car!

Oh if only we could actually print that….


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