I wish I could have laid a finger on that Butterfinger

8 hours is a long shift. You know–most of you work 8-hour shifts yourselves. And sometimes, after a particularly slow night, you just need a little sugar for the final push.

Last night was one of those nights. Early on, Jenny and I had discussed buying chocolate, we just weren’t sure what we would end up buying. The night dragged on and we (somehow) forgot about buying our treats. Then Rachel sent me an e-mail that inspired me into finally getting out of my chair and walking to the vending machine.

Economical girls that we are (with both the purse strings and the drawstrings) Jenny and I decided to split a Butterfinger. We went to the vending machine to make our purchase, giddy as school girls, pressed E3 and….nothing.

Jenny has been trying to purchase a Nature Valley granola bar (E2) from this same machine for the past 5 weeks, with no luck. We decide that row E must just be out of order and figure we should test the theory. On what though? The Crunch bar at E10 seemed like the best bet.

Well…our theory was wrong. We got the Crunch bar. Score. And I use the term loosely.


One thought on “I wish I could have laid a finger on that Butterfinger

  1. yeahhh you just made me laugh out loud remembering this.
    We’ll try again. And I *will* get that granola bar.
    But cookies on thursday!

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