I said, “Brrr, it’s cold in here!”

I miss my summer clothes. I know what you’re thinking: “yeah…it’s August, how do you miss your summer clothes? Do you happen to live in the Southern Hemisphere where it’s currently winter?”

Those are both valid questions. The truth of the matter is that I’m suffering from OAAC, or, as it’s more commonly known: Over-active Air Conditioning.

This is a common occurence in the summer months. The temperatures hit 80 or higher outside and building managers feel the need to remedy that by making the inside a haven from the heat. Only problem is, it’s not exactly a haven if you’re not just passing through.

I spend 8(ish) hours a day (or more accurately, a night) at a desk. While there, I am usually wearing pants, a short-sleeved shirt of some form and a sweater. Either that or I have a tank top and a long sleeved shirt…and sometimes a sweater on top of that.

After the first full night in the office, I realized it would behoove me to keep a cardigan in my desk drawer. After the second or third week, I brought a blanket as well. Laugh all you want but it’s cold in here! I have coworkers with space heaters…that they’ve used this week.

All of this brings me back to my point. I miss my summer clothes. I waited through a long, cold State College winter for the chance to put on my madras shorts and my lacy tanks. As it turns out, I have 2 days a week to wear those things. To wear them during the 4 hours a day that I’m awake seems like a waste of an outfit. And to wear them at work would result in the loss of a limb to frostbite.

I can only pray that someday building managers will understand that 65 degrees makes for an amazing spring day and an awful summer night–especially indoors.


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