The power of the “sha la la”

Country. Rap. Punk. R & B. Classic Rock. Hip Hop. Indie. Alt Rock. Emo.

We’ve got more genres of music today than ever before but there is one seriously underestimated style: oldies.

I don’t care what you like, if you’re having a bad day, no amount of “yehawing” or “yeah dawgin” is going to make you feel better. On the other hand, a good “sha la la” will brighten your mood in a matter of seconds.

Take today for example. My downtown commute was more congested than usual, and I could sense a bad mood rising. But thanks to the local radio station and their “party pod” (playing the best party songs–as requested by listeners!), I got to hear “Brown-Eyed Girl.” Generally, that song doesn’t make my Top 10–being blue-eyed myself, I tend to be biased– but today the downright peppiness of the “sha la la’s” had me singing louder and smiling more than latest song by Shop Boyz might.

Although, lets face it, I have been known to party like a rock star.


2 thoughts on “The power of the “sha la la”

  1. Sooo true!!! not too many people leave comments, and I just wanted to say that I love your blog and your writing style! keep it up!

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