The summer storm: Mother Nature’s puke-and-rally

You’ve all been there. You’re out, having a good time and then it happens. Everything starts to get…well, grumbly. And dark. And you know you’ve only got a few seconds until things get bad.

Yup, the summer storm. The perfect way to ruin the perfect day. Or is it?

The summer storm–that quick clap of thunder and heavy downpour that makes you think, for just a few minutes, that the world is coming to an end–seems to clear Mother Nature’s system.

Your sunny afternoon turned apocalyptic disturbance, mimics the puke-and-rally of a bar-night-gone-bad.

The day starts out great with everyone enjoying themselves. Then, it’s as though the clouds had one rain drop too many and just has to explode.

The thunder serves as a warning to seek shelter from the big blow. Then all hell breaks loose for a few minutes.

Afterward, though the ground may be damp, the skies clear and everyone is ready for another beer.


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