Fro down, you’re growing too fast!

Humidity is a curly head’s worst nightmare, so you can imagine how poorly I sleep during the summer.

Everyday, I get out of the shower, some of my anti-frizz conditioner still in my hair in the hopes of combatting the poof, and begin the taming process. Depending on my mood–and on what products are closest to me–I start spritzing, gelling, and smoothing. A little Fructis, a little Suave, a little John Frieda. Leave-in conditioner, smoothing serum, curl spray.

Everyday I do this. And everday I get out of my car–a mere 40 minutes after the completion of my hair-care routine–and am welcomed (note the sarcasm) by a phenomenon I can only describe as “cone head.”

Scratch any images you have of the movie “Cone Heads”–this is an entirely different concept. This is the unfortunate result of humidity mixed with humidity-fighting products.

Your poor, defenseless, locks are so encouraged to curl (because of the necessary curl-enhancing/de-frizzing products) that they poof out to, well, a fro that would make Diana Ross jealous. The humidity apparently, for lack of a more scientific term, hyper-activates the plentitude of products.

Now I know that all of you people with straight hair are thinking, “Um…hello?! Why don’t you just eliminate the products?” The reason is simple.

You’d be able to see my hair from space.


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