An irreverent story for once

Oh yes, taking a slight turn from the irreverent headlines, this story deserved its own entry.

A story about local NASA campers contained the following gems:

After debating the use of rock, paper, scissors to decide who went first, the boys agreed to go by age and let the youngest camper, KID’S NAME, 8, shoot off his rocket first.

KID’S NAME, 10, couldn’t launch his rocket on the first try.

KID’S NAME, 10, fired his rocket before KID’S NAME, 11, who said his favorite part of camp was launching his rocket.

KID’S NAME, 11, went running into the woods after his rocket when it was caught by the wind. But he found his rocket, and emerged from the woods with a large grin on his face.

Some nights, I’m really amused by my job.


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