Adventures in shots and other signs you’ve entered the real world

I got a shot this morning. It was awful. Terrible. Painful. And I’m not really a baby.

Done laughing? Okay good. Seriously, when it comes to shots, I’m usually a pretty good patient. But today’s shot…damn, it was like actually getting shot.

“Little pinch,” said the nurse, clearly lying through her teeth.

“Um, OW!”

“Yeah, people say it hurts when it goes in.” Such wisdom, and from the woman who swabbed my RIGHT arm after I asked for the shot in my LEFT.

This shot was more than just a “little pinch.” It actually felt as though someone was injecting solid lead into my arm, which I realize, would be like actually getting shot. Okay, so it felt as though someone was injecting nearly solid lead into my arm. Better?

As for the other signs I’ve entered adulthood? In 22 years I’ve provided maybe 2 urine samples. In the last year I’ve provided at least 9. When you become accustomed to peeing in a cup, you can consider yourself full-grown.


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