Celebrity Shot: The DQ Couple

If beer pong can feature celebrity shots (when another person, not a member of any of the teams actually in play, comes in to shoot) why can’t blogging? It’s hard to come up with something fresh and witty every night so it’s always nice to have a little help.

Tonight’s celebrity shot comes from one of my bff’s, Rachel. Rach and I e-mail each other every night at work (we have the same job in different locations so we work the same crappy hours), and tonight’s e-mail contained the following rant:

I absolutely loathe the Dairy Queen commercials with the ice cream wife and waffle cone bowl husband. Like, from day one, totally against it. And now they’re in with the genetics counselor finding out they can have kids. They are really just the most offensive things on television today and I need your opinion on them. I don’t want images of ice cream products getting it on, nor do I care about their marital odyssey. And you KNOW they’re going to show that baby. What’s it going to be, a baby sundae? I’m just appalled by the whole campaign….My biggest problem of all STILL comes from the first commercial, where the ice cream claims she needs the chocolate sauce to “pour it all over herself.” The waffle’s shudder is COMPLETELY uncalled for. She’s ICE CREAM–dousing herself in toppings shouldn’t be considered the least bit kinky. I brought that up whilst watching TV with my siblings one night, and they all told me to calm down and not get so worked up over a commercial. But look what it spawned! It spawned spawn!!! God…

And, so I don’t completely slack on my own blog, I’ll post my return thoughts:

I agree. Just months ago Ice Cream was moving in to Waffle Bowl’s
buidling and now they’re trying to have kids? Seems a bit hasty if
you ask me. Also, I miss the talking mouth. He was funny, a bit
inapprop at times, but tastefully so (as if that’s actually possible). The idea of fornicating desserts creeps me out a bit as well. And, I
don’t see how they actually can show that baby. The whole point of
the campaign is that those 2 were made for each other and that pre-destined dessert resulted in the waffle bowl sundae. So theoretically they’ve already combined right? Any other options are just, well, kinda creepy.


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