Happy freakin’ 4th of July

That’s right. I’m working on the 4th of July. The news never sleeps and apparently, neither do I.

I rolled into work an hour and a half early to avoid the Pirates traffic and make deadline…only to discover that the e-mail instructing me to do so was in regards to the game the day before. Super.

A few of my superiors joined me moments later, bearing cakes and brownies, so that helped a bit. Another editor requested help carrying food up from her car. We then set up the George Foreman on Jenny’s desk and started grilling hot dogs. In the office. Thaaaat’s right.

It’s now 9:45. Nearly everything is done and the entire office is still in party mode, as our head honcho is out of the office yet again. Hopefully I can get out of here early. And celebrate. With a beer. Alone. In bed. Because my parents are at a party. And all of my friends are too drunk to answer their phones.



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