Booking flights requires air-sickness bags

I always thought air travel was the way to go. You can cut a 5 hour drive down to a measly hour and a 3-day cross-country trek to a quick jet jaunt.

Then I tried to book a flight to Connecticut. Between battling for low fares and convenient times, I had given up. Nothing for less than $560 was to be found. But then, a glorious ray of hope shone down on my computer screen. Could it be that I could finally book a cheap flight or was this just another traveling mirage?

Yes, it was true! Southwest was offering reasonable flights! Excited, and relieved not to be spending all of my graduation money on airfare, I booked the trip.

Imagine my despair when, after reviewing the total, I discovered appromixately $40 in taxes. Seriously!? The taxes were nearly half the cost of the advertised ticket price.

That sad realization, coupled with my harsh welcome into the world of travel, has left me rethinking my initial praises of the airline industry


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