Adventures in banking and other signs your job has crappy hours

It’s Friday and although that doesn’t translate to the weekend for me (oh the joys of Monday/Tuesday weekends) it does translate to payday and that’s pretty exciting. Except for this one little thing…

So my employers switched their system of banking recently. I know, you’re thinking ‘how could this possibly affect you? Being an intern, you barely know the old system of banking, so any changes should really go unnoticed.’ Well, yeah, you’d think.

However, there is one thing I will DEFINITELY notice and that is if they direct deposit my check to someone else’s account. This would have been a very easily understood mistake…except that I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT! How does this happen?

My only option was to call and leave a message on someone’s voicemail–the benefits of working the night shift and not getting paid until Friday…no one’s around to fix stuff like this.

I did manage to talk to someone in HR who assured me that the problem would be corrected and I would have a check by Monday…which doesn’t actually help me until Wednesday, given that, weekends excluded, I won’t be in the office until then.

All I can really say is thank God for graduation money.


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