I’m enjoying having nothing to do….

That’s what my mother insists on me saying anytime I think I want to utter the phrase “I’m bored.”

Well you know what? I just can’t justify that at work. I always thought I would love a low-intensity job where I didn’t do much of anything. I’m kind of disappointed to find out that that isn’t the case.

I made the jump to newspapers because I thought I could really get on board with the whole “fast-paced, rapid deadlines” lifestyle. Not to mention the drinking. But I’ve never “enjoyed having nothing to do” as much as I have since I started working.

A typical night goes as follows:
5-6: bullshit around with e-mails, etc.
6-8: write a post, edit a few stories, play around with some headlines
8-9: eat while “working,” which really means a slow-paced version of what I do from 6-8
9-10: a little more work. envy the sports desk for peacing out.
10-12:30: pray for something, anything, to do. rim, proof, sharpen pencils, hell I don’t care, just occupy me. also, cross fingers in the hopes that someone will take pity on the interns and cut us.

I’m so glad I have nothing to do…yup, reallllllly enjoying it.


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