Of all the fruits to see…

I’ve seen a lot of weird things on my various commutes.

I’ve seen a single tube sock, yellow band around the top, on the sidewalk in front of my apartment.

I’ve seen a thong–possibly pink…possibly black…possibly 2 separate thong sightings–on the grass bordering the walk through campus.

I’ve seen plastic lawn chairs, restaurant-style buckets (the type they ship pickles in) and various paper products lining the highway on my drive to work.

But today I saw quite possibly the most curious thing I’ve seen yet: a mango.

Now, of all the fruits one could expect to see on the side of the road, a mango doesn’t even make my list. It’s not like you can bite it–the skin is way too tough for that. And it’s not like you could easily slice into the thing, especially if you’re the driver. Even if you managed to break through the skin and not sever a finger, you’ve still got a pretty big drip factor to face.

I guess when it comes down to it, a mango on the side of the road does make sense. What doesn’t make sense is why someone thought the mango was a good idea in the first place. Be a normal person and take an apple.


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