Signs your job has crappy hours…

1) The baristo at Starbucks wishes you good luck when you tell him (at 4:30 p.m.) that you’re just starting your day.

2) After 4 days at work, the other baristos/baristas are already starting to recognize you. They will most likely know your drink within the next week.

At least today’s baristo knew enough to pity me and not to, I don’t know, laugh. That would have resulted in an espresso shot to the face.

That encounter did, however, leave me feeling pretty sad about my hours, and my resulting “waste of life” feeling. A typical day for me now goes as follows:

8:53: wake up. groan. hit snooze.
9:07: wake up. groan. acknowledge that I actually need to get out of bed.
9:10-12:15: mild activity (for example: a trip to Target to buy the complete 10-season Friends DVD Collectors set).
12:15-12:45: lunch
12:50-3:00: nap
3:00-3:50: shower, hair, make-up, etc.
3:50-4:15: snack-time
4:20-4:27: drive to Starbucks
4:28-4:33: get sympathy/coffee (and thank God for short lines)
4:34-4:47: drive to work
4:50-12:30: work (and by work, I mean, write blog posts, check/send e-mails, update Facebook, eat continuously and occasionally write a headline or two)
12:33-12:53: drive home
12:55-1:55: phone w/Boo, check e-mail/instant messenger
2:01-???: watch Futerama until I pass out.
8:53: repeat.

Now, I realize that was an absurdly long list. In fact, if you’re still reading, I almost judge you. Then again, you may have as much downtime at work as I do. But in all seriousness, break down my day: wake up. eat. do something. eat. sleep. shower. eat. work (where I eat). sleep. That’s it. I have never felt so unproductive and so stressed out all at the same time before.

Apparently I need to reconsider my career goals. Making money or sleeping? That’s kind of a tough call.


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