I know everyone in the world

Apparently, I’ve been very busy networking during my 23 years on this earth. I can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know. I walked into my summer job, which is admittedly in my hometown, and managed to know not 1, but 2 people there.

I discovered my first acquaintance while trying to find out why the other copy desk intern, Jenny, was not on the e-mail list. While scrolling through the names I came across one of a girl I graduated high school with. Of course, after a Facebook stalking validated her employment at the paper, I sent her a message.

My second was discovered after admiring the sports desk staff. (I’m allowed to look. I’m an idiot for acknowledging that fact publicly. Sorry babe.) Ah..ahem, anyway…. Jenny and I were discussing (via e-mail, because we’re too lazy, I mean busy, to walk the 12 feet between our desks) the talent at the sports desk (who wanders into the copy area to use, ironically, our copier) when I looked up and saw a kid I’d had poetry classes with in college. Weird.


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