Intro’s. They’re corny. They’re lame. They’re forced. But generally, they’re at least partially necessary. Thus, it’s intro time.

Don’t “shenaniganist” because I’m not sure what you’ll find. Plus, whatever you do find will not be the definition I had in mind.

A shenaniganist, as defined by a group of drunk co-eds, myself included, one not-so-balmy spring night in State College, is one who practices “shenaniganism” or the art of “shenanigizing.” That’s right, we managed to turn the concept of a “shenanigan” into an entire religion, one with a following of people not unlike ourselves; rowdy, mischievous, fun-loving and completely ridiculous at every given opportunity.

Basically, what you’re looking at is the blog of someone who enjoys standard-issue high jinks, blatant hilarity and, ocassionally (okay, frequently) some good ol’ fashioned mockery.


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